The Importance of Being Certain

The Importance of Being Certain

Almost all investigations begin with a trigger - a suspicion about a person or an organisation that requires solving. It’s the investigator’s role to remove said doubt, while resolving the problem with certainty in the process.  

This process must be precise. It must be done with speed too and have the capacity to adapt - leading you on a path to the truth - instead of a road to nowhere. Combining a vast range of data, GBG Investigate makes reaching this path easier. The end goal is always the same. We set out to provide the clearest and most coherent picture of an individual, address or organisation in a matter of minutes. All in the name of certainty. The question is - how do we do it?  

Make no mistake  

Investigations are about finding out what you don’t know - not confirming what you do. They’re never easy work. And as for the hard work: GBG Investigate does that for you. The depth our pool of data boasts is extensive - but most importantly - it’s accurate. 

But why is this accuracy so vital to what Investigate does? Well, take fraud for example - it’s no secret that it’s bad for any business. Not only from a financial viewpoint, but from a customer experience one too. With reputational damage and irreconcilable trust at the heart of what can go wrong when dealing with victims of fraud.  

While it’s true that prevention is better than detection - we know that isn’t possible. Investigate is the most advanced investigation tool available. Our web-based service speeds up the process significantly - displaying all connections in one singular graph.  

Accelerate the truth 

False positives are costly time wasters and tend to be the bane of investigators' lives. 

Certainty is essential in these investigations because more often than not, time is of the essence. However, the quest for the right answer can’t be compromised by a need for speed.  

Investigate can detect a plethora of complex financial crimes, uncovering potential links between people, businesses, addresses, emails and phone numbers as a result - all in a matter of minutes. The importance of unveiling the correct findings the first time of asking cannot be overstated. 


Adaptation is key  

It’s safe to say we’re in the business of finding solutions - solutions for every possible challenge. Ever-changing customer behaviour, increasingly innovative methods from fraudsters and complex GDPR regulations make the challenge a difficult one. Nevertheless, we’ve proven it’s far from impossible.  

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing, staying in the know can feel tireless. We don’t just remove doubt from our investigative findings, we ensure that everything we do remains compliant. It requires constant adaptation.  

Alongside protecting the public, we have a duty to protect brand reputation by ensuring our practices stick to the letter of the law. Compliance failings are damaging, there is no running away from this. Our wide portfolio of background checks constantly cross-reference to avoid valuable information slipping through the cracks.  

Want to know more about how our journey towards certainty is achieved? Get in touch today.  

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