Transaction Monitoring for iGaming firms

Monitor transactions for fraud and money laundering risk in one easy-to-use platform in real-time. Simply configure your iGaming risk thresholds, rules and workflows to combat fraudsters and comply with AML regulations.

Stop bonus abuse

Monitor players' unusual wagering behaviour and detect bonus abuse fraud in seconds.

Deliver AML compliance

Stay ahead of ever-changing global regulations with adaptable international monitoring solutions. Deliver AML compliance anywhere in the world.​

Improve efficiency

Streamline your transaction monitoring operations through efficient case management processes and prioritise only critical alerts.

Prevent fraud effectively

Monitor suspicious transactions

Stay ahead of the game by detecting suspicious activities such as irregular patterns in bonus redemption, unusual wagering behaviour, and inconsistent depositing or withdrawal activities. Our platform empowers you to swiftly identify and act upon these red flags.

GBG Transaction Monitoring for Fraud Prevention

Deliver AML compliance

Automate AML transaction monitoring

Streamline your risk assessment processes with real-time monitoring of PEPs, sanctions, high-risk payments/countries and easily detect money mules or smurfing attempts. Automate AML transaction monitoring, improve case management efficiency and reduce costs while keeping the criminals out of your iGaming business.

Scale your business globally

Configurable AML transaction rules

Effortlessly customise risk thresholds, create rules, and implement workflows that align with your AML needs. Scale your business globally with pre-built configured rules made for international iGaming firms looking for growth.

GBG Machine Learning for Fraud Prevention

Holistic player risk

eDNA consortium intelligence

Tap into a global consortium intelligence network to provide insights beyond your own iGaming business interactions. Our eDNA technology combines anonymised digital identity and past behaviour insights from all businesses using the GBG Compliance network, producing a reputational score for digital identities and their transactions.

A great win for both

End-to-end payment pros, Tipalti turned to our transaction monitoring solution for a consistent ratio of alerts to transactions as its business grew and grew.

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