Juniper Research recognises GBG as established global leader in digital identity

Juniper Research recognises GBG as established global leader in digital identity

By Laura Barrowcliff, Head of Strategy, Customer Insights & Innovation

In their latest deep dive into our industry, Digital identity: key opportunities, regulatory landscape & market forecasts 2022-2026, Juniper Research recognises GBG as an established leader on its global digital identity leaderboard, calling out our “breadth and depth of global data coverage” in a case study that zeroes in on the solutions we offer.    

In the report, Juniper Research estimates that digital identity revenue will exceed $53 billion globally by 2026, and predicts that identity verification use cases and underlying technology will continue to dominate the market.

Building trust in a digital world

Digital identity verification is GBG’s core business, and we are well-positioned as a global expert in this space, enabling thousands of organisations of all sizes to build trust in a digital world while creating seamless customer experiences.

Aligned with our growth strategy, GBG continues to build international market presence, create product differentiation, and join up capabilities with a global platform to provide end-to-end coverage of the customer identity lifecycle.

“GBG’s highly configurable end-to-end identity capability deployed in multiple geographies and industries is a key differentiator.”

Juniper Research, 2022

With a balance of global products and regional execution, part of GBG’s strength lies in understanding local regulations, use cases and data – enabling us to work with government and private sector vendors in the wider digital identity ecosystem, as Juniper Research recommends.  

Biggest in the Americas

Last week, we announced the unification of our acquired businesses Acuant and IDology to create the largest, pure play identity verification and fraud prevention provider in the Americas. At the same time, we announced a newly formed product group led by Yossi Zekri, former President and CEO of Acuant, to accelerate market leadership.

Juniper Research comments on our M&A strategy;

“GBG’s growth strategy via acquisitions enables the company to expand with new capabilities and innovate further. Their collaboration with different vendors in providing different solutions such as liveness checks and NFC for document verification contribute to the building of different products through data expansion and combatting identity fraud by accumulating data insights.”

Verify identity data quickly and securely

Ensure good customers are onboarded seamlessly, while fraud is prevented and compliance regulators are satisfied.