Location Intelligence

GBG offers address verification powered by the most accurate global location data. Deliver exceptional experiences to every customer, wherever they are.

GBG location intelligence solutions

Capture any address in the world to build faster, more accurate digital journeys. Verify and enhance address data for the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

  • Reach a global audience

    Create localised customer experiences that convert into sales, using data across 245 countries and territories.

  • Save money

    Reduce failed delivery rates by up to 70% and save money on chargebacks with up-front and accurate address verification.

  • Create exceptional customer experiences

    Simplify your customer journey with tools that reduce data entry time by 78% and reduce errors by 20%.

  • Address verification

    Address verification drives checkout conversion and improves the end user experience with address auto-complete technology.

    Products that can help

  • Geocodes

    Enhance your location databases by adding latitude and longitude coordinates, all via a single, easy to integrate API.

    Products that can help

  • Email and phone validation

    Improve customer communications and your sender reputation by verifying email addresses.

    Products that can help

Powering location intelligence for more than 19,000 customers globally

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