Identity Verification

GBG offers identity verification without compromise. Onboard customers and businesses instantly, stop fraudsters in their tracks and comply with global regulations.

  • Customer first

    Create fluid and intuitive customer experiences that convert

  • Cut costs

    Improve operational efficiency and spend your time where it matters

  • Reach the world

    Expand your reach and grow your business internationally

GBG identity verification solutions

Take control of your customer onboarding with layered ID document verification and biometric checks, as well as business ownership checks. Take advantage of world-leading data along with cutting edge technology.

  • Identity verification

    Identity verification for more than 4.4 billion people - offering frictionless onboarding while meeting AML and KYC regulations.

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  • Business verification

    Efficiently onboard business customers in Australia and New Zealand by automating AML/CTF checks.

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  • Mobile onboarding and biometrics

    Verify customers on the move using facial recognition, liveness detection and OCR data extraction.

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  • Global document authentication

    Instantly inspect, validate and extract data more than 4,000 types of identity documents from more than 240 countries and territories.

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Helping organisations quickly and easily verify their customers

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