GBG & RFi Group Webinar | Snap, Check, Go: The Digital Onboarding Utopia

Advances in the world of digital identity verification

Today, technology is enabling organisations to snap, onboard and go. To thrive in a digital-first world, success for regulated organisations includes achieving higher pass rates with quality customers, international identity verification capabilities, fraud and identity crime prevention at the eKYC phase, omnichannel integration, higher performance, reliability and security, and end to end digital onboarding automation.

Digital identity verification is not only making it easier to tap into more government and independent data sources and data intelligence to verify more consumers accurately, there are phenomenal advances in AI-powered biometric technology for organisations to satisfy their eKYC obligations while reducing abandonment rates by 50%. Evolving fraud threats such as deepfakes and spoofing can be prevented with modern facial verification technology.

  • What consumers expect in the digital onboarding customer journey today.

  • The efficacy of an end-to-end digital identity verification platform.

  • The advancement in biometric facial verification to effectively lower onboarding friction and reduces fraud risk and identity crime.

  • Demo of single image passive liveness biometric technology to achieve snap, onboard and go customer journey and prevent deepfake

Watch now

Watch this insightful webinar led by Alex Boorman, Managing Director of RFi Group. Alex is joined by Joseph Seychell, CRO, Athena; Simon Burt, Head of Transformation, Newcastle Permanent; Carol Chris, Regional General Manager, ANZ, GBG and Michael Harmer, Chief Technology Officer for greenID, GBG.

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