Cook yourself a joyous feast with our "Got Talent" Cookbook

Enjoy traditional recipes and ideas from all over the APAC region from us here at GBG to celebrate your festive occasion with your friends and family

GBG Cookbook

The coronavirus pandemic has swept the world off its feet. With companies going out of business and people losing their jobs, many people are struggling to cope. The new normals we are all experiencing at GBG are working from home, wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

To stop the spread of this virus, we have all been advised to stay at home. Therefore, whilst stuck at home, many of us have taken the chance to brush up on our cooking skills, if not already top-notch. We are so grateful to have warm plates of food served on our tables, and we would love to share this warmth with anyone having a hard time. This e-cookbook has been prepared for our fundraising event, GBG APAC Got Chef, in support of COVID-19 related charities. It contains recipes prepared and recommended by our GBG chefs from 8 different locations across the APAC region.

Challenge yourself by making these cuisines, or make them even better!

Our sincerest thanks to everyone for joining our journey to bring much needed humanitarian aid to people in need.