GBG Process Manager

Streamline & strengthen your decision making.

Introducing GBG Process Manager

Your employees make hundreds of decisions every day. But are the decisions they make the right ones for your business? GBG Process Manager takes the subjectivity out of decision making. It’s a robust strategy maker which automates all your organisational workflows and processes, based on rules you set, to deliver the best decision for the business - allowing you to manage acquisition and control risk. GBG Process Manager can be used to connect internal and external systems, meaning you can bring together data from multiple sources and execute pre-determined actions. When used in conjunction with GBG Activate, GBG Instinct and GBG Predator, your organisation will have the best tools possible to manage every stage of your customer's lifecycle. From account opening and application fraud detection, to ongoing transaction monitoring and debt collection, we’ve got it covered.

Why use GBG Process Manager?

Make better business decisions - faster

Automate decision workflows to eliminate human subjectivity, which allows all applications to be managed consistently.

Build an instant, comprehensive picture of your customers

Use information from multiple data feeds to automate score based decisions in real-time.

Make it really personal

Create a unique customer journey through automated segmentation. Meaning you deliver a personalised experience to every customer.

Prioritise profitable customers

Allocate new customer applications to acquisition strategy workflows which reflect your company’s business objectives.

Adapt to organisational change instantly

Improve business process continually by using GBG Process Manager’s inbuilt simulation capabilities and a flexible interface. It allows process, workflow and decision rules.

Share meaningful data to inform business decisions

Design customised reports based on data and decisions. Reports can be automatically generated, and emailed as required.

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