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Fight financial fraud and manage AML compliance with the confidence to keep moving forward

Compliance Platform has everything businesses need to meet anti-money laundering regulations, minimise fraud and fight financial crime, giving you the confidence to keep moving forward.

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True cost of financial crime

With the rapid adoption of digital channels, the historic spikes in online fraud coupled with significant increases in data breaches are holding businesses back and costing opportunity in the process. Add the heightened focus of regulators on consumer protection, AML, KYC and privacy compliance, and the prospects for growth seem distant.

Cost of fraud & financial crime | GBG
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Battling fraud and complying with changing regulation

The ability to adapt to the evolving fraud and regulatory landscape will be key for businesses, as will the ability to automate processes to improve operational efficiency. To counter the increasing levels of financial crime, organisations need to shift from traditional point-in time verifications to technologies that enable ongoing monitoring from onboarding to application and transacting.

Complete solution for AML compliance, sanctions screening and transaction monitoring

GBG’s Compliance Platform is the leading global fraud and AML service that automates the detection and management of risk in one single platform. With patented digital identity technology powered by global data and insights drawn from integrated data partners, the Compliance Platform will help Australian organisations identify and investigate fraud before it becomes a burden on their business.

As a multi-tenancy SaaS solution, the Compliance Platform will help reduce overall costs and includes powerful tools for businesses to manage risk all in a single solution – including investigation and workflow tools, and a no code configurable rules builder.

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Fighting Financial Crime: The Case for Fraud and AML Convergence

Fast, insightful, and easily configurable: Complete fraud and AML compliance technology, exactly the way you need it.

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Meet your compliance obligations

Detect anomalies in behaviour to
retain trusted customers and remove questionable users quickly.

Generate accurate outcomes

Easily customise your rules to meet ongoing changes in compliance obligations and fraud risks.

Stay ahead of the latest fraud

Leverage local and global data with GBG’s own patented digital identity insights to assess fraud and AML risk for each transaction.

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Protect your customers and business

Real-time alerts help you detect and stop financial crime before it significantly impacts your customers and your business.

Manage fraud risk through the customer lifecycle

Monitor a customer’s transactional events from application to onboarding and transacting.

Your data is secure

GBG is ISO 27001:2013 certified. We ensure the highest level of confidentiality, integrity, and resilience of our systems and services.

24/7 Support

From the initial implementation set-up and ongoing, our professional services and customer support teams are available to support you.

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