Bank Mandiri - Case study

Bank Mandiri - Case study


PT Bank Mandiri is Indonesia’s largest bank, established in 1998 following the acquisition and merger of 4 government-owned banks. It provides one-stop financial services through synergies with its subsidiaries, offering competitive and guaranteed products to accommodate customer needs.


Financial Services



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Since 2012 GBG Instinct has supported Bank Mandiri in safeguarding the risk of loan application fraud, including credit cards…micro, KTA and SME.

As part of Bank Mandiri’s push to provide integrated and comprehensive financial products for its customers, GBG Instinct was implemented in 2012 as part of the bank’s credit distribution process. GBG Instinct detects and flags fictitious loan applications by bad actors, safeguarding against loan application fraud.

GBG Instinct’s developments have not only kept up with industry standards over the years, but also introduced further efficiencies to improve internal processes. Thus, ensuring that even as products and customer bases continues to grow, the application process continues seamlessly.

Developments and improvements:

  1. Desktop-based solutions transitioned into web-based solutions, improving accessibility
  2. Solution enhancements designed with ease of implementation in mind
  3. Strong technical support in optimising the solution implementation process

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