greenID™ with Australian Death Check

The single source of truth for death records

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Fight fraud and identity crimes

Organised crime rings are known to use deceased records to fraudulently open credit card accounts, apply for loans, apply for mobile phones, and collect tax returns.

Protect customer’s loved ones

The damage that can ensue from transacting with or marketing to a deceased person, can be devastating to the family left behind.

Safeguard your reputation

The charging of “fees for no service” to customers, including dead people, emerged as one of the biggest scandals from Australia’s Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry.

The Australian Death Check, a new data cleansing service, offered by GBG’s greenID now allows you to take control of your customer data.


greenID with the Australian Death Check:

Allows access to the only official source of death records across Australia

Matches your customer data with over 2 million government death records updated daily

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Bulk cleanses data

Adheres to data protection law and regulations—customer data isn’t stored

Fully secure and scalable service to suit any business

By cleansing your customer information and identifying deceased persons, you will protect your brand, improve customer experience and save money.


greenID Customers

Find out how the Australian Death Check can protect the identity of your customers and integrity of your business.