Digital Verification Solutions for Remote Learning

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Student Identification

The increasing prevalence of remote learning is presenting a new reality where institutions may never meet their students in person and could afford criminals new channels to perpetrate identity crimes. It is a challenge for schools and higher education providers to verify their students reliably to ensure academic integrity while maintaining a frictionless customer experience.

greenID’s biometric-based identity verification solutions leverages mobile technology and advanced machine learning to help educational institutions know with certainty that online students are who they say they are.

Brochure Highlights

Issuing student passes remotely

greenID’s biometric solution, which incorporates facial verification and liveness detection, can be used to verify students against submitted photos to issue passes remotely.

Fees and government grants eligibility checks

Verify the identity and citizenship or residency status of a prospective student by accessing the Australian Government's Document Verification Service (DVS).

Remote proctoring services

Use greenID to authenticate students prior to online exams and deliver the examination link only to genuine students.

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