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Understanding COVID-19 fraud risk

What key vulnerabilities are being exposed and exploited?

Financial Crimes virtual panel insights – Barclays APAC, Bank Mandiri, former Interpol and GBG

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Fraud control measures

How banks are rethinking their fraud control measures in the wake of the growing interconnected systems and digitization

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Real world cases & prevention

The use of emerging technologies such as machine learning, advanced analytics, and enriched data orchestration to facilitate bank and financial institutions to prevent fraud in real time

AML fraud management

Money launderers are coming up with creative ways to move cash around – pre-emptive measures to counter new AML fraud types

GBG Customised Fraud Solutions

Businesses are facing heightened fraud risks with the global outbreak of COVID-19

Fuelled by the availability of technology, AI, data and a hyper-connected world, activities to harvest personal details for fraud and scams are picking pace. Some escalating methods include phishing email, phishing websites, fake news, malicious mobile apps, fraudulent products, first party fraud, and malware (such as Trojan Trickbot, Emotet Trojan). How can financial institutions build their fraud prevention readiness and manage these growing threats more effectively?


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Discover how Barclays APAC, Bank Mandiri, former Interpol and GBG are dealing with fraud and AML incidents in the COVID-19 landscape.