Stopping fraud in its tracks

Detect and act on fraudulent transactions before legitimate customers are compromised

Building trust in this digital world is a prerequisite to business success.

Beyond onboarding, businesses must continue to protect themselves and their customers from bad actors and fraudulent activity as transactions occur.

Bad actors often impersonate the authorities and legitimate companies to deceive the vulnerable through phishing messages, voice scams and social engineering scams. They then gain access to the victim’s login credentials and take over genuine accounts without the victims’ knowledge.

By leveraging on advanced technologies, many of today’s sophisticated fraud attacks can be detected with additional intelligence on the device fingerprint, IP location, discovery of malicious mobile applications such as remote access tools and SMS forwarding, as well as meticulously monitoring for subtle deviations in user behaviour.

The role of transaction monitoring becomes increasingly important as a proactive approach for fraud detection, helping organisations identify and prevent potentially fraudulent activity before significant financial losses occur. Reach out to us to discover how we can help keep your customers safe.

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Malware, bot and RAT detection

Analyse user session and detect bot attacks, malware and remote access tools (RAT).

Device fingerprinting

Device fingerprinting across web, Android and iOS channels to distinguish between real users and bad actors.

Behaviour analysis

Analysis of user behaviour for anomalies to detect account takeover.

Data enrichment

Provide additional data intelligence to enhance monitoring and improve risk decisioning.

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