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GBG’s transaction monitoring solution leverages machine learning and adapts to, detects and prevents transaction fraud in today’s evolving fraud landscape.

Transaction Fraud and Transaction Monitoring | GBG

Financial institutions surveyed across Asia* predicted an increase in…

*Whitepaper: Combatting escalating fraud in a digital world, 2022

Track and monitor digital transactions, mitigate fraud attempts and protect customers.

Your scenarios, your way - Our solution gives you full access to tweak and adjust automated responses to different scenarios, no technical support needed.

Adapt as you go - Analyse transactions in real-time using machine learning models, identifying new patterns and rules for fraudulent transactions to strengthen your defense.

Integrate with ease - Integration is easy with existing and new products. Our solutions scale seamlessly, growing with you.

Seamless screening - Screen transactions through multiple layers of rules in an instant, with no impacts to customer experience.

Enhanced processes - Create custom automations using a drag-and-drop interface to script immediate responses to threats. Instant automated actions lock down and flag high risk transactions in moments, preventing losses.

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