Instinct Hub helps combat financial crime and accelerate customer onboarding

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Financial crimes impact 49% of global organisations

GBG Instinct Hub is a compliance and fraud management platform that utilises a multi layered defense to enable frictionless digital onboarding for customers whether they’re applying online, in branch or via a third party. Our technology can lower false positives by up to 20% and increase fraud detection accuracy by up to 30%.

Designed to counter modern day fraud types

Fraud prevention

Combat evolving identity fraud types including first party, synthetic ID, and social engineering.

Improve customer experience

Bridge vertical silos to converge information to improve onboarding speed and accuracy.

Machine learning

Predictive analytics use historic variables to identify and allow good customers through quickly.

More than 50% of financial institutions are unprepared for digital transformation.

As your organisation moves more business online GBG Instinct Hub creates a straight through processing experience from KYC to compliance to fraud. Our proprietary technology, close data partnerships, and advance analytics protect your business from online attacks with orchestration of cyber and behavioural intelligence.


Instinct Hub helps organisations speed up and secure digital onboarding

Effective application fraud detection and prevention

Compliant onboarding across multiple channels

Actionable insight from a deluge of data

Integrated reporting and case management systems

Flexible workflows and algorithms

In built checks to mitigate internal fraud

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