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Digital Identity Verification that both Customers and Businesses Trust (ANZ)

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This on-demand session on identity verification unveils new IDC research findings on local consumers and businesses and brings together industry experts who discuss the usage, preference and trust needs that consumers are looking for and the challenges that businesses need to resolve.

Industry experts also discuss what organisations are doing to closely align their identity verification with evolving customer expectations, compliance, and new technologies, and that old methods of verifying customer identities need to give way to new and better intelligence-powdered ways.

Insight from IDC research

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Identity verification as a multi-sided discipline: How customer, business, and ecosystem requirements are converging.

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Customer attitudes and preferences towards frictionless identity verification: is there such a thing as frictionless?

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New technologies that ensure trust in the use of identity verification while delivering superior customer experience.

Meet the experts

Moderated by Michael Araneta, Associate VP, Head of Research & Consulting | IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

Michael Araneta

Associate Vice President, Head of Research & Consulting | IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

Carol Chris

Regional General Manager, ANZ | GBG

Steve Shipley

Adjunct Chief Information Officer | IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific

Ian Hendey

CEO | thelawstore

Panel Highlights


The benefits of speed in identity verification have emerged strongly. Is there a trade-off to speed? For example, can security be disadvantaged if business went for speed? Or is there a speed-cost trade-off?


What are the components of digital trust and how to build it? 30% of businesses want transparency in the verification process and in their solution. What is transparency, and how does this help in building trust?

Right Solution Value

How to handle spikes in onboarding volumes? What comprises an end-to-end verification solution? How do the solutions of the future help in increasing customer conversion rates?

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Tune in to gain from new research findings and expert insight and explore ways to closely align your identity varication capabilities with evolving consumer expectations, compliance and new technologies.