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There are two options to reset your admin panel password:

1. Use the 'forgot password' option at the log in screen.

2. Contact a Super Admin user in the admin panel, as they are able to reset passwords for all users.

Please click here to see our admin panel guide.

If a user matched the watchlist, you will need to do further due diligence outside of greenID. The person will still able to complete the verification even he/she is showing on the watchlist.

Please click here to see our admin panel guide. 

Manual Verification option is when you verified the person outside of greenID - so you can override the overall outcome if you cannot verify the person using greenID.

Please click here to view our admin panel guide.

Yes, via BlackList option. Blacklist checking allows customers to check individuals against a customised list of individuals they wish to stop from becoming automatically verified. If it is not enabled, then please contact your Account Manager.

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