Make life@GBG work for you

Mexico benefits 

Your flexible
work life

Work from home, at one of our global hubs or take your work abroad for up to 90 days per year. We offer a more flexible approach to where and when work happens because we recognise that in a global tech business, work is something we do, not a place where we go.

Work when and where you want

Choose where and when work works for you, take time for wellness and family and take your work wherever in the world you choose for up to 90 days per year.  


Team members are entitled to 12 days vacation (plus national public holidays), increasing to a maximum of 32 days based on continuous service, for each of these days you also benefit from an additional 25% Prima, to help you enjoy your time off.

Team events and challenges

Join social events throughout the year and sign up to be part of our sponsored team challenges coming together with team members from across the country.

Birthday holiday

Celebrate with a big party or a family get-together; either way, we help you celebrate your special day with an extra day’s holiday gifted to you.

We grow when you grow

Growing our talent is critical to our success and we invest in a wide range of training and performance activities that ensure our team members are highly engage and progressing in their careers.

Last year, 11% of our team members took their career up a level, and 20% of those on our mentoring scheme progressed into a new role in GBG.

Be developed

Step up and exceed your potential, taking advantage of our learning platform, including hands-on classes led by experts to enhance your technical, leadership and soft skills.

Mentoring and reverse mentoring

Do your best work, pairing with another team member to develop your skills, knowledge and network, whether you’re a new starter or a senior team member.

Dynamic skills profiling

Manage your skills profile alongside your manager to promote and be recognised for your talents, identifying your pathway to progression and achieving career goals.

Talent referral

Receive a competitive bonus for introducing talented new team members and help us continue to grow with the right skills and best candidates from your network.

Your health and family matters

We help you to balance your wellness and care responsibilities. For example, when you return from family friendly leave you'll return to a reduced working week (80%) at full pay for 12 weeks.

Employee assistance programme

Reach out for 24/7 expert guidance and specialist support on any issue, from everyday things to more serious problems that affect your wellbeing.

Family-friendly workplace

Take up to 52 weeks maternity leave (16 weeks full, 23 weeks statutory pay) or two weeks paternity leave (full pay) and you'll return to a reduced working week (80%) at full pay for 3 months.

Life and accidental death cover

Take care of your loved ones in event of your death. We provide financial support to your dependents.

Sick leave and paid time off

Rest and recuperate when you need to with six days (48 hours) paid sick leave per year.

Food vouchers

All Team members receive a monthly allowance in the form of meal vouchers, equivalent to MX$967.20, for a healthy snack or a little treat.

Medical plan (may vary depending on your role)

Take advantage of our medical insurance allowance, which can cover care for you and cover for your dependents from the time that you join us. 

Your wealth and security

On top of a competitive salary package, we reward you with a range of different benefits that you can select to suit you and your life circumstances. So, wherever you’re at in your career, we’ve got your wealth and security covered.

Sharesave plan

Join our easy Sharesave plan, enabling you to save to buy GBG shares, investing from as little as £5 ($ equivalent) up to £250 (MXN equivalent) per month.

Long service awards

Stay for a while and you’ll be in good company, many do. To thank our loyal team members, we offer a £250 (MXN equivalent) gift voucher and extra holiday to you every five years. 

Christmas bonus - Aguinaldo

Team members shall receive a bonus each December when you receive your Aguinaldo, equal to 25 days salary.