At GBG, we’re guided by principles. They’re not just for us but for everyone. For our colleagues and our shareholders, for our clients and their customers.

They help us achieve our ambitions.

They also guide our behaviour – the way we use identity data – and shape our culture. No one knows more about people than GBG, and no one takes more care with their information.

Our values


Doing what’s right, not just what’s easy.


Respecting each other's opinions and culture.


Embracing new ideas; always thinking of a better way.


Delivering products and processes that everyone can rely on.


Exceeding expectations; always driven by a passion to do more.

Our thinking

What do we think? What are we like? Here’s our answer.

We aim to be:
Knowledgeable – we think clearly
Dynamic – we act decisively
Effective – we get results
Reliable – we can be trusted
Helpful – we consider others

We bring this kind of thinking to bear on all kinds of issues, relating to identity, fraud, security, compliance and building better customer relationships – and more besides.

To find out more read our blog posts.

Our heritage

From our earliest days here at GBG we’ve been committed to providing clear and current identity data. With it, our clients can manage their information securely and efficiently. And they can provide a great service to their customers too.

Industry associations

You can’t truly understand the markets you serve unless you become part of them.

That’s why we spend so much time getting to know our customers and the markets and territories in which they operate.

It’s also why we’re proud to be active members of so many important and influential representative bodies.