Application fraud

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Detecting application fraud

Setting up a new account should be quick, simple and unobtrusive for you - and your customers. But you need to be able to identify any application that may indicate fraudulent activity or financial crime.

We can help you with

Robust fraud checks

Add robust fraud checks, historical data and known criminal data to evaluate risk at the point of application

Linking fraudulent applications

Link fraudulent applications to existing cases to enable investigators to see the whole picture

Workflow automation

Automate workflows for a quick and easy application experience with minimal human intervention


Customise models to adapt to changing business rules or new fraud trends

Whatever your application process - online or manual - we’ll map our solution directly onto it. You’ll get an instant view of any risk associated with new applicants - as determined by your own business rules.

GBG products to help...

GBG Instinct

Check new customer data against a wealth identity information - globally. You set the rules and the scorecard for pass or rejection criteria based on your business needs.

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