Raising the alarm on unusual customer behaviour

We can help you quash transaction fraud

A transaction fraud solution trusted by hundreds of businesses

Why choose GBG for transaction fraud protection?

Identify problems early

Accurate fraud and AML checking for every last transaction, performed in real time.

Take action fast

When a new risk’s detected, you’ll be instantly alerted so you can take immediate action.

Predict behaviour

Predator automatically updates the decision engine for predictive analysis on future transactions.

Fending off attacks

By continually assessing your customers’ actions against their ‘normal’ behaviour, Predator detects any potentially criminal activity, helping you stop fraud and money laundering in its tracks.

As well as supporting anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, our transaction fraud solution lets you easily identify problem customers or players, transactions and devices to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting your business.

Our transaction fraud solution also…

Cross-references info including country of origin, names and aliases, device and IP addresses

Connects to additional data sets and blacklists in and outside your organisation

Fits in with your own processes thanks to the fact that you can tailor the rules engine

Hear from our GBG Predator customers

GBG Predator provides Tabcorp with a 360-degree view of its customers.

Tony Quinn, Tabcorp

GBG Predator: fits seamlessly into your security setup

With Predator, you can import data from known blacklists and whitelists – including PEPs and sanctions data – as well as external datasets, spreadsheets and reference tables.

And our solution also allows you to simplify investigation management by collecting and storing transactional data, external documents and any other evidence in one place.

Talk to our specialists about fraud and money laundering

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