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Introducing GBG Connexus

Make life simpler. Using the UK's widest range of data sources, GBG Connexus helps you trace, investigate and confirm the identities of individuals quickly and easily. A person’s identity is more than just a name and address. When you want to find out more, GBG Connexus opens up the true meaning of an individual’s profile by combining offline, online and social data. Using a Data as a Service (DaaS) delivery platform, you can access this insight via a range of innovative channels. Award winning GBG Connexus offers over 1 billion data assets, linking people, places and business. With global capabilities via social data, you can gain greater insight into people and their behaviours, whilst linking back to the largest independent source of UK data.

In a nutshell, GBG Connexus helps you

Search for, investigate and contact individuals using multiple data sets
Use minimal information e.g. partial name , address or email to access results
Access the largest pool of independent data on the UK population
Using data from different social media sources to understand behaviour

Why use GBG Connexus?

Trace and confirm a person’s details

You have a last known address, but when you dial the landline number you were given it no longer connects. You need to know where an individual has moved to and their current phone number. GBG Connexus has the largest pool of unique name and address details you simply can’t get anywhere else. You can even find information on individuals who may not have a credit footprint. We provide more than 114 million telephone numbers, giving you the confidence that the person you find is the one you are looking for.

Locate people

You’ve located a person at a new address, but how confident are you they’re living there? GBG Connexus links addresses to individuals, with up to 13 million updates every month, enabling you to track a person from one property to the next. You can use the linked address search to ensure the address you’ve found is the most recent, and you can access consented telephone data so you can be sure the new landline is in the surname you're checking.

Contact the right person, first time

Making sure you have the most-up-to-date information for your clients is vital and can often be a factor in regulatory compliance. GBG Connexus uses multiple data sources to give you the confidence you need in our data and validates that information, so you know how relevant and, more importantly, how accurate it is.

Enhance your interactions

Armed with the correct identity and contact details, you can reduce the costs involved with expensive communications and engage more effectively with your customers. We can help you make the most of your relationships with bespoke interactions either as a managed service or by supporting your in-house activity.

Investigate fraud

Sometimes, it isn’t enough just to identify potential fraud. What happens if a fraudster has already bypassed your existing processes? GBG Connexus links not only addresses, but individuals too, so you can easily identify anything suspicious. You could also make comparisons with what an individual does both online and offline by using over 70 million email addresses and these could be used to identify social media accounts too. GBG Connexus gives you the best way to spot potential fraudsters and enhance your investigations.

Gain insight into a person's social behaviour

With the ability to search through the last five years of historic social media data, as well as by geolocation or person, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) for GBG Connexus, makes it possible for you to aggregate the social data you need to investigate a variety of situations; from criminal investigation and pre-transactional due diligence to fraud investigations, asset searching and tracing.

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Identify trends, patterns and correlations

Visualise by GBG Connexus brings clarity to your investigations and speeds up decision making by enabling you to quickly identify trends and patterns in your data. Save time and resource and improve your profitability.

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GBG Connexus is a flexible solution, enabling you to select the data you require access to and helping you stay compliant.

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GBG Connexus Brochure

Use GBG Connexus to identify and contact the right individual. Update your information that is out of date, incomplete or missing, quickly and reliably and in one place. Comply with regulation and best practice guidelines.

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GBG Connexus Managed Services

Improve your ability to contact the right individual using GBG Connexus Managed Services. People will always move or change contact details and you can stay abreast of these changes through our batch cleansing solution.

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Discover how our world-class identity intelligence products can help you to make the best decisions for your business – and your customers.

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