What it does

A person’s identity is more than just a name and address. When you want to find out more, GBG Connexus opens up the true meaning of an individual’s profile by combining offline, online and social data. Using a Data as a Service (DaaS) delivery platform, you can access this insight via a range of innovative channels.

Award winning GBG Connexus offers over 1 billion data assets, linking people, places and business. With global capabilities via social data, you can gain greater insight into people and their behaviours, whilst linking back to the largest independent source of UK data.

The benefits of GBG Connexus

GBG Connexus enables you to:

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    Intelligent search: using minimal information such as a partial name or address, telephone or email, you will access results of people and places that traditional solutions cannot offer, for both historic and current information.

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    Know more: when you want to know more about an individual or property, such a their name, address, social behaviour or even property details, GBG Connexus’ innovative functionality provides you with address history, known associations, online activity through social media data and much more.

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    GBG National Identity Register: the largest pool of independent data on the UK population. It includes the largest telephone directory and email database, as well as gone-aways, deceased adverse financials and business data.

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    Social: using data from over ten different social media sources, giving access to over 65 billion social posts per day, you can gain insight into an individual’s social behaviour. Furthermore, GBG Connexus aggregates people’s online activity into a geographical location, enabling you to search for location specific posts.

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    Multiple delivery mechanisms: you can access GBG Connexus in a way that suits you, including automated batch processing, API and a single user interface for deep dive investigations.

How we can help you

Locate people +


  • Use our ‘reverse search’ capability to build out a full identity profile from a single email address or mobile number
  • Link together and cross reference over a billion data assets in the UK alone including the ability to link on- and offline identity information
  • Use our ‘radius search’ capability to trace forward from last known address, pin pointing current location based on a complete overview of their ID and connections


  • Make contact with people even if they have moved house multiple times since you last communicated with them
  • Avoid blocking new customer transactions just because the customer doesn’t have a good credit footprint; GBG Connexus uses a myriad of non traditional data sources to complement traditional financial data
  • Find missing or lapsed people to stop fraud or losses and improve your operational efficiencies

Understand people +


  • Use non traditional as well as traditional credit data to build a detailed picture of every customer’s identity from the moment they come onboard
  • Reference over 100 million phone numbers, 70 million email and 350 million addresses for faster decision making on who is high value – and who is high risk
  • Understand how best to communicate with customers to achieve the best possible outcome – ensuring you always have the most up to date contact details


  • Make the most of customer interactions – every time
  • Having the right contact strategy for each individual customer helps optimise your customer management processes – particularly in the areas of debt management
  • Reunite your customers with their dormant or forgotten assets , by taking a pro-active, efficient approach to asset reunification
  • Understand people

Peace of mind compliance +


  • Provide a full audit that all the data you have used in your decision making is fully consented and up to date
  • Meet all your compliance obligations around debt management and financial crime prevention


  • Meet regulatory requirements for compliance and operational efficiency
  • Create the right contact strategy for each individual customer to optimise your customer management processes – particularly in areas like debt management  and fraud investigation
  • Make better decisions, faster, shaving hundreds of man hours off your review processes

Additional features

GBG Connexus is available in these platform versions:

GBG Connexus batch platforms +


  • GBG Connexus (Self Service) – an online, self-service portal to upload and process files containing multiple records for checking against a range of UK data sets
  • GBG Connexus (Managed Service) – enrich your data using this 24/7 automated processing service linked to a secure SFTP server
  • GBG Connexus (On Site) – cleanse, suppress, enhance and dedupe your database as and when you require


  • GBG Connexus (Self Service) – provides instant intelligence on individuals in bulk and configure software to personal requirements
  • GBG Connexus (Managed Service) – automate intelligence gathering on multiple individuals in bulk to a pre-agreed specification
  • GBG Connexus (On Site) – maintain the accuracy of your data without it leaving your premises

GBG Connexus single search platforms +


  • GBG Connexus – search for, investigate and contact individuals using multiple data sets
  • GBG Connexus IQ – locate individuals through a single online search of the broadest range of data sets available
  • GBG Connexus Screenless – use its API to integrate this powerful search tool into third-party applications


  • GBG Connexus – obtain comprehensive current and historic views of people quickly and responsibly
  • GBG Connexus IQ – prevent crime by using this powerful tool designed exclusively for police and criminal justice departments
  • GBG Connexus Screenless – achieve rapid and seamless integration into your business processes

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