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Introducing GBG Connexus

Make life simpler. Using the UK's widest range of data sources, GBG Connexus helps you trace, investigate and confirm the identities of individuals quickly and easily. A person’s identity is more than just a name and address. When you want to find out more, GBG Connexus opens up the true meaning of an individual’s profile by combining offline, online and social data. Using a Data as a Service (DaaS) delivery platform, you can access this insight via a range of innovative channels. Award winning GBG Connexus offers over 1 billion data assets, linking people, places and business. With global capabilities via social data, you can gain greater insight into people and their behaviours, whilst linking back to the largest independent source of UK data.

In a nutshell, GBG Connexus helps you

Search for, investigate and contact individuals using multiple data sets
Use minimal information e.g. partial name , address or email to access results
Access the largest pool of independent data on the UK population incl. email and telephone
Using data from over ten different social media sources to understand behaviour

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Use GBG Connexus to identify and contact the right individual. Update your information that is out of date, incomplete or missing, quickly and reliably and in one place. Comply with regulation and best practice guidelines.

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