National ID card scrapped...

Published: Wednesday May 26, 2010

Although the cost was going to run into the billions the National ID card was going to help reduce ID theft and impersonation, or was it?

Would the National ID card have reduced Fraud such as impersonation or ID theft? Well GB Group (GB) thinks it may have helped. But, in truth, ID cards are only one physical way of identification, and on their own useful in person but over the internet not so useful.

There are many ways of correctly identifying people and the ID card could have been a simple 'in wallet' check, however taken in isolation it would have increased the instances of 'Fraud' not reduced them.

The ID card could have helped the security services such as Police, however in many European countries the security services have to carry ID Authentication readers around with them as ID Card impersonation and counterfeits are so high. The hidden cost of these readers is considerable and can greatly increase the cost of the overall scheme.

Overall GB thinks ID Cards are useful as one instance of proof. However, their departure does mean businesses need to reconsider how they ‘take on’ and ‘transact’ with customers to increase sales whilst minimising ID theft, impersonation and Fraud.

At GB we think we have some of the answers, and many UK and International clients benefit from our URU identity verification powered by our unique ID3 technology. We are helping many clients comply with ‘the age restricted products and services act’, compliance around online gaming and anti money laundering and know your customer directives.

To find out how GB partners with BT plc to deliver world leading solutions for electronic identification and verification click here.

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