Gordon & Noble Messenger at Arms & Sheriff Officers gain 30% more telephone numbers with advanced tracing tool

 Published: Friday August 20, 2010

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LONDON – 20 August 2010 – Gordon & Noble, who specialise in the recovery of Scottish Debts through collections, litigation and enforcement, has seen a significant increase in collection rates and enforcement after the implementation of GB Group’s tracing solution. GB Group’s Accelerator e-Trace product can trace people from their last known address to a new address and then confirm if the person is there.

This has led to a significant increase in the number of cases where Gordon & Noble has received early payment, reducing the need for court action and improving overall resolution time and therefore minimising the cost per case to the client.

GB Group’s tracing solution replaced the traditional disc-based tracing software with a constantly updated online system which provided additional identity information. Increased contact with debtors has led to more accurate assessments of debtors’ ability and willingness to pay, which has enabled Gordon & Noble’s team to make more informed decisions with their clients on the prospects of recovery, through litigation and enforcement.

GB Accelerator e-Trace provides Gordon & Noble with:

Swift multi-referenced checks for residency, deceased individuals, mobile phone and landline numbers, date of birth and postal address 
30% more validated live telephone numbers than the company had obtained with the previous supplier 
A user-friendly, web-based service for a speedy start-up, anytime access and 24-hour updating of reference files to give access to the very latest identity information 
According to Gordon & Noble Partner, Jamie Mathewson; "Good tracing software is central to our business. We heavily rely on up-to-date accurate information throughout the entire recovery process to support our office and field based collections and enforcement activities. Our clients need to be confident that any court action will be targeted effectively whilst minimising costs."

Josef Thoma, Head of Tracing at GB Group says, "This innovative solution is fantastic because it has a distinct impact on the bottom line, by increasing payment and enforcement. We constantly strive to create products that speed up the payment process and we are extremely happy that Gordon & Noble feel GB Accelerator e-Trace has had such a positive impact on their business."

For further information about GB’s global Identity Management applications, please contact:

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