Baines & Ernst locates more than 40% of clients they had previously lost touch with, in a matter of minutes with tracing solution, GB Accelerator e-Trace

 Published: Tuesday March 23, 2010

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LONDON – 01 April 2010 – Experienced debt management company, Baines & Ernst, sees an immediate rise in profitability and collection rates after locating 40% of its clients who they had previously lost touch with. The success comes after its implementation of GB Accelerator e-Trace, a tracing solution from Identity Management leaders, GB Group (GB).

GB Accelerator e-Trace provides access to the widest and most current UK population data through a single interface, with the fastest and most accurate individual tracing and intelligence gathering tool. Not only did GB Accelerator e-Trace enable Baines & Ernst to locate the clients they had lost touch with, but it also reduced the tracing time from four weeks to a few minutes.

Current UK consumer debt is a serious, national concern. Recent figures from the Bank of England show new borrowings outstripped the amount being paid back for the first time since June. With the total UK personal debt standing at £1,469 billion, more and more people are struggling with debt, leaving companies with a huge problem in tracking down outstanding debtors and securing payment.

To be successful in this insecure and fragile marketplace, customer-focused businesses must realise the importance of having a comprehensive understanding of its customers’ identities and, more importantly, applying this knowledge strategically. Working with more than 100,000 people across the UK, Baines & Ernst realised such in-depth customer knowledge was vital to its business success.

GB Accelerator e-Trace searches combine multiple databases in sub-second speed, locating and verifying individuals anywhere in the UK. Accessing  GB Accelerator e-Trace via a secure online portal, users can delve into a variety of reference files including over 18 years’ worth of information from the Electoral Roll. It also offers access to the UK Telephone Number Database, Royal Mail’s PAF address database and enhanced functionality, such as radius and co-habitant searches.

“The value GB Accelerator e-Trace delivers is tangible and was key in helping us to make the decision in changing suppliers,” says Vicki Sharplin, Inbound Collections Manager. “It is definitely a more cost-effective service compared to other suppliers. Using GB Accelerator e-Trace, we can locate new contacts for more than 40% of the clients we lose touch with in just a couple of minutes.”

Before changing any records on their database, Baines & Ernst ensure all new contact data is confirmed with the client themselves. As a responsible debt solutions company, it is vital that the company only makes contact when it is 100% confident that it is appropriate to do so.  After some critical training from GB, staff were able to use the GB Accelerator e-Trace solution the same day. “It’s such a user-friendly system,” comments Sharplin, “ The actual start-up took no time at all and we’ve never had to call support.”

David Green, General Manager – Software comments, “Our technology is completely focused on innovation and combines the concept of identity to create an environment of trust so that organisations can connect and transact safely and responsibly.  Identity Management provides collection agents with the relevant data to understand the identity of debtors more clearly, tracing and connecting with them instantly to optimise the recovery process. This includes access to current – and previous – address information as well as validating key contact information such as a telephone number in real-time. GB Accelerator e-Trace is very easy to use, extremely effective and gives businesses complete control of timescales. The evidence Baines & Ernst has already seen is testament of this.”

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