Market growth

Digital transformation is driving growth across all sectors. Data is the currency on which this growth depends, supporting innovation and disruption as organisations evolve from current business models into platforms over which multiple products and services can be delivered.

Driven largely by consumers’ demand for mobile services, the global market for digital transformation is estimated to be worth US$392 billion by 2021.

(Source: Markets & Markets)

Proven business model

We are data agnostic and work through partnerships to help customers access relevant data using our proprietary technology and analytics. We balance strong organic growth with an acquisition model that has allowed us to strengthen our propositions and expand into new markets. The acquisition of DecTech Solutions in 2014 opened up markets in Asia Pacific and we now have over 40 customers in financial services in China alone. The addition of IDscan in 2016 has enabled customers to integrate global document verification alongside our existing data verification capability.

Strong team

We have a strategic emphasis on attracting and developing talent across all areas. Our half-yearly team survey shows consistently high levels of employee engagement (82% for FY 2016–17). We are proud that our executive team includes individuals who have developed their careers through GBG as well as those with experience of leadership in organisations as diverse as Adobe, Gazprom Energy and Microsoft.

GBG team member engagement survey results

Unrivalled expertise

We have a strong record of creating sustainable growth for all our stakeholders. Our award-winning technologies provide access to over 330 datasets worldwide and we are agnostic in terms of data format, language or geography. We work with organisations to design great consumer experiences that let good consumers get what they want without increasing business risk. With a strong emphasis on helping customers meet their regulatory obligations, our solutions ensure organisations use personal data appropriately.

Customer relevance

We support customers across all major B2C sectors and our customers consistently rate GBG as being a valued and trusted partner. We have a strategic focus on growing business within our existing customer base and this ensures we stay relevant and understand the challenges our customers face.

GBG now serves over 15,000* customers in over 70 countries with core address verification for the world’s 240 countries and territories.

(*Includes PCA Predict, May 2017)