How much do you know about the people you’re thinking of hiring? And how well do you really know the people already on your payroll? Employing the wrong people could mean they’re unsuitable for their designated roles.

It could also mean you’re open to fraud, loss of reputation and regulatory breaches. Thorough checks give you peace of mind. They also show you’ve been responsible.

Online criminal record checks

If your organisation works with children or vulnerable adults, you’re required by law to carry out checks on the people you employ. Do they have criminal records? Are they suitable for their roles?

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Driving licence check

Your drivers need to be legally entitled to be on the road – it’s your duty to ensure they are

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Employee screening

You need to be sure your employee records are always up to date and that you are able to regularly check credentials, permits and the validity of key documentation such as driving licences. If you do become suspicious of internal fraud, having accurate and up to date data will enable you to make more intelligent decisions

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