Using identity data intelligently.

We live in an increasingly virtual world. The data we share every day reflects our identities. And this data offers a massive opportunity for businesses that understand it.

But it’s a balancing act. Identity is a deeply personal matter. As a result, you need to treat your customers as individuals not just business opportunities.
That’s where we, at GBG, come in.

We believe everyone should be able to conduct business safely and efficiently, everywhere. And we do that by using identity intelligently.

How we help

Employing people

Check people are right for the role – simply, comprehensively and confidently

Registering new customers

Get people on board swiftly and securely – and find out not just who they are but how you can better serve them

Managing risk

Know who can be trusted. Know who might be a risk. Look after your organisation – and protect your genuine customers too

Locating people

Keep up with people – so you can help them out and keep your records on track at the same time

Fighting fraud

Sometimes people simply make mistakes. But sometimes they’re out to deceive. Spot them. Stop them

Building relationships

The better you know your customers, the easier it becomes to anticipate their needs, earn their loyalty and boost your business

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