Location Intelligence

Use details about your customer's address to improve your customer experience.

GBG Datacare | Location Intelligence

Location intelligence is a feature of our GBG Datacare data cleansing solution, helping you to connect, communicate and transact with your customers.

We understand the issues you face

Brand reputation

If don't fully understand the vicinity in which your customers live, you risk failed deliveries and reduced customer satisfaction. That's not what you want to be known for.

Effective communication

If your communications can't be delivered to your customer, this can negatively affect the relationship you have with them.

Customer experience

Your onboarding process is too time consuming and you're seeing drop offs. You need to improve your customer experience and conversions.

How Location Intelligence can help

We can provide you with all kinds of useful information about your customer's address, so you can offer a world-class customer experience, whilst reducing your costs. Using location intelligence, not only can you plan your deliveries better to avoid multiple attempts, you can target your offers and promotions more effectively to your customers.

GBG Datacare: fully integrated & customisable

Engaging with your customers and gaining their trust is the key to a long and prosperous relationship. This applies throughout the customer lifecycle. Relevant multi-channel communications help gain customers' trust.

Use our fully managed service or choose individual solutions to complement and support your in-house activity. Work with us and we’ll tailor make an individual data cleansing solution that’s robust, reliable, and most importantly, compliant.

Talk to our specialists about location intelligence

Contact the GBG Datacare team to discover how we can save your company time, money and hassle when it comes to address data.

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