Homemovers Data

Knowing when, to maximise your sales opportunities.


of UK consumers move house each year

£12bn per year

the amount home movers spend on products related to their move


the minimum increase in responses event driven communications typically achieve

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Homemovers Data is a feature of our GBG Datacare data cleansing solution, helping you to connect, communicate and transact with your customers and prospects sensibly, and profitably.

We understand the issues you face

Campaign ROI

Timing is everything. Targeting your customers with products or services that aren't suitable for them can negatively affect your marketing campaign effectiveness.

Maintaining customer relationships

Even your best customers might not tell you when they've moved house. Don't let a change of address be the end of your customer relationships.

Brand reputation

Sending unsuitable offers and promotions, or sending them to the wrong address increases your risk of reputation damage. Don't let out of date data affect your customer experience.

How Homemovers Data can help

Most of your customers' circumstances will change over the years, and so will their behaviours. To communicate effectively with your customers, you need to understand the life events they're going through, so you can personalise your customer experience, improve engagement and increase your conversions.

Being able to identify and act on your customers' life events can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and customer contact programmes. You'll be communicating with your customers when they need your products or services most.

Homemovers data

Even your best customers might forget to tell you when they've moved house, meaning you risk losing contact with them. Homemovers Data enables you to trace an individual to a new address, or better still - identify when they're about to move.

By understanding when your customers are about to move house, or may have just moved house - you can act quickly and help your customers with taking out a loan or house insurance, purchasing furniture, or switching energy provider.

Our Homemovers Data covers 90% of purchase and rental transactions in the UK.


We use a combination of datasets to identify people who have moved house, or are about to, so you can have confidence that your data is maintained to have the most accurate contact details for your customers, and that you're compliant.

The benefits of Homemovers Data

Maximise sales opportunities

Knowing when your customers need your products or services enables you to target them with a higher likelihood of conversion. Event driven communications have a 5x better response rate.

Maintain customer relationships

MinT is also a great way of maintaining your customer relationships, and helps encourage repeat purchasing and loyalty, as you'll be targeting your customers with your products or services, exactly when they need them.

Improve your reputation

Targeting your customers with the products or services they want, at the time they need them will increase your customer satisfaction, and contribute towards improving your brand reputation.

Personalise your customer experience

MinT provides you with insights of where a property is within the house sale life cycle enabling you to personalise your message to your customer, boosting engagement.

GBG Datacare: fully integrated & customisable

Engaging with your customers and gaining their trust is the key to a long and profitable relationship. This applies throughout the customer lifecycle. Targeted, relevant multi-channel communications based on individual’s identities, their likes, dislikes and preferred contact method help gain customers' trust.

We can help you create world-class interactions that foster long and profitable relationships with your customers. Use our fully managed service or choose individual solutions to complement and support your in-house activity.

Work with us and we’ll tailor make an individual data cleansing solution that’s robust, reliable, and most importantly, compliant.

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Homemovers Data

Trace an individual to a new address, or better still - identify when they're about to move, so you can act quickly and help your customers with taking out a loan or house insurance, purchasing furniture, or switching energy provider.

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