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GBG Connexus is an award-winning trace and investigate solution, providing customers with access to over 1 billion data attributes and bringing a wealth of information together in one simple format. By providing a single unified solution that’s comprehensive, current and intelligent, GBG Connexus provides the best holistic view. Locate and confirm the identity of an individual quickly and effectively, speed up your investigations.

GBG Connexus makes investigations simpler and quicker across a variety of applications

  • Onboarding and exception handling
  • Fraud prevention and investigation
  • Tailored multi-channel communication
  • In-depth individual investigation
  • Asset reunification
  • Debtor tracing
  • Data cleansing

How GBG Connexus can help you

Find who you're looking for

Locate almost any individual in the UK, and confirm the identity of an individual, so you know you've found the right person.

Utilise the most accurate data

Validate your data is correct, and connect with individuals by having the most up to date and reliable contact details in one place.

Ensure your compliance obligations are covered

Rest assured that you're compliant with regulations and best practice guidelines.

Why use GBG Connexus?

Trace and confirm a person’s details

You have a last known address, but when you dial the number you were given it no longer connects. You need to know where an individual has moved to and their current phone number.

GBG Connexus has one of the largest pools of unique names and addresses, including those that may not have a credit footprint. We provide millions of telephone numbers and dates of birth to give you confidence that the person you find is the one you're looking for.

Locate people at a new address

You’ve located a person at a new address, but how confident are you they’re living there?

GBG Connexus links new and previous addresses to individuals with millions of updates every month, enabling you to track a person from one property to the next. You can use the credit linked address search to ensure the address you’ve found is the most recent.

Enhance your interactions

Armed with the correct identity and contact details, you can reduce the costs involved with expensive communications and engage more effectively with your customers. We can help you make the most of your relationships with bespoke interactions either as a managed service or by supporting your in-house activity.

Detect and investigate fraud

Sometimes, it isn’t enough just to identify potential fraud. What happens if a fraudster has already bypassed your existing processes?

GBG Connexus links not only addresses, but individuals too, so you can easily identify anything suspicious. With multiple sources of data including financial, business, insurance, deceased, and social data as well as personal data, GBG Connexus gives you the best way to spot potential fraudsters and enhance your investigations.

Gain insight into a person's social behaviour

With the ability to search social media data by geolocation, username or keywords, OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) for GBG Connexus, makes it possible for you to aggregate the social data you need to investigate a variety of situations; from criminal investigation and pre-transactional due diligence to fraud investigations, asset searching and tracing.

Identify trends, patterns and correlations

Visualise by GBG Connexus brings clarity to your investigations, and speeds up decision making by enabling you to quickly identify trends and patterns in your data. Save time and resource to improve your profitability.


13 million

The number of changes we see to our data every month


The number of suppliers providing GBG Connexus data


Customers who are already benefiting from fast investigations


Public Sector, Police & Law Enforcement

For organisations covered under the Representation of People’s Act, access the Full UK Electoral Roll for a greater picture on individuals, to help with:

  • Fraud and criminal investigation
  • Asset reunification
  • Debt collection and locating people


  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Investigation of suspicious claims
  • Debt collection and locating people


  • Investigation of internal fraud, goods lost in transit and high value orders
  • Debt collection and locating people


  • Enhanced Due diligence
  • Exception handling
  • Investigating bonus abuse and suspicious high value deposits
  • VIP handling
  • Account take over

Financial Services

  • Management of customer data
  • Debt collection and locating people
  • Fraud Investigation and prevention on consumer and commercial data


  • Locating people
  • Verification of personal data for right party contact
  • Indication of assets and details of financial situation


  • Debt collection and locating people
  • Management of customer data
  • Find MPAN and MPRN numbers for an address and get an indication of home owner status


  • Fraud detection and investigation
  • Debt collection
  • Asset reunification
  • Litigation and corporate investigation

A flexible solution, tailored to your needs

GBG Connexus

An award winning, cloud based platform with an intuitive user interface for manual tracing.

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GBG Connexus Managed Services

A batch solution for data processing at lightning speed.

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GBG Connexus API

Conduct instant queries through GBG Connexus API for integrated solutions to improve automation.

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Hear it from our customers...

"Since 23 April 2020, we have resolved 195 suspended pensioners. This number includes members that were suspended prior to us beginning the contract and those that have been suspended since that date. 88 of those 195 can be credited specifically to the results achieved through using Connexus. 80 records have been reinstated with members receiving pensions that would otherwise have remained unpaid.

The monthly liability of these reinstated pensions amounts to just over £22,000, over the course of a year this equates to over c£250,000 in reinstated pension payments. 8 records resolved by Connexus enabled us to confirm that the member was in fact deceased and the monthly liability of these cases amounted to just under £2,300, which equates to c£27,000 in savings in year one alone."

Lothian Pension Fund

GBG’s support has been fantastic and the whole project has been a win-win all the way for us.

Northumbrian Water

GBG Connexus was instrumental in making forward savings in excess of £3.3 million.

Transport for London

The system has been 100% reliable, so it’s been a low-maintenance relationship.


The results from GBG’s batch service and on-line tracing tool are outstanding and deliver great value to the business.

1st Credit
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We purchased GBG Connexus and have been very pleased with the results. We have seen a reduction of 50% in the time taken to complete the order review process. This has provided efficiency savings and enabled us to widen our fraud remit within the business. In addition, we have greater confidence in the overall decisions, particularly helped by the variety of data sets. We see GBG Connexus as a worthwhile investment that has met our ROI expectations.


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Case study: GBG Connexus - Intellekt

Intellekt is a unique fraud investigation consultancy who previously used tracing processes with substantial manual effort. Here's how GBG Connexus helped.

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GBG Connexus API

GBG Connexus API allows you to integrate multiple data sources and bring all the information together through a single web service.

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GBG Connexus Managed Services

Improve your ability to contact the right individual using GBG Connexus Managed Services. People will always move or change contact details and you can stay abreast of these changes through our batch cleansing solution.

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