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GBG Connexus is a flexible solution, enabling you to select the data you require access to and helping you to stay compliant.

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Introducing GBG Connexus

A person’s identity is more than just a name and address. When you want to find out more, GBG Connexus opens up the true meaning of an individual’s profile by combining offline, online and social data - something no other provider is offering in Australia. Using a Data as a Service (DaaS) delivery platform, you can access this insight via a range of innovative channels. GBG Connexus is an award winning solution that's been serving UK organisations for years, and now we’re bringing GBG’s market leading technology combined with market leading data to the Australian market. GBG Connexus offers millions of data assets, linking people, places and business. We use credit derived data and open source data to give you a rounded view of an individual. With global capabilities via social data, you can gain greater insight into people and their behaviours, whilst linking back to the broadest range of identity data available.

GBG Connexus helps you

Search for an individual using minimal information
Carry out your investigation knowing you have found the right person
Communicate effectively to resolve your investigation
Protect your bottom line and stay efficient

Why use GBG Connexus?

GBG Connexus brings together the broadest range of identity data, all in one place. We have access to millions of records including names, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, email addresses, 130 social networks to check for associated social IDs, and OSINT - our innovative Open Source Intelligence tool that aggregates social media data to provide you with valuable insights to aid your investigations.

What can GBG Connexus do?

Reverse search

Start with a phone number or email address and trace the associated name and address. Even partial email addresses can be used.

Identity page

Build a single, saveable page of everything you know about an individual.

Search tools

Use an extensive toolkit to get results, even when it’s tricky.

Neighbour and cohabitee information

Find detailed information on people who may be connected.

Radius searches

Find an individual who has moved within a specified distance of the current address held.


Streamlined MI report capabilities make reporting simpler, easy to understand and quicker to extract.

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Use GBG Connexus to identify and contact the right individual. Update your information that's out of date, incomplete or missing, quickly and reliably and in one place. Comply with regulation and best practice guidelines.

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