Our range of innovative location-based services will help you to maintain quality customer data, increase conversion rates and drive business efficiency.

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Loqate helps you ensure that the customer data you process is accurate and up to date.

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Introducing Loqate

We've brought together the best of five brands. PCA Predict’s technology, GBG Loqate’s global data, Addressy’s reliability, Everything Location’s simplicity and Matchcode 360’s motivation. Our new name is Loqate, and we're five times better. By combining five of the world's leading location intelligence specialists, you'll see a step change in the service we can offer you. As one, your business, no matter where you are in the world, will benefit from the precision and reliability to deliver an unparalleled capability and user experience.

Why use Loqate?

One search to search them all

Whole world search in one control - checks instantly whether data entered by an end user is correct. Our incredible type ahead technology matched with ‘fuzzy matching’, misspelling correction, abbreviations and ‘fills in the blanks’ if information is missing altogether, provides the ultimate and most accurate in data collection.

Rapid and intuitive response

Fastest response available, reduction in keystrokes and errors - customers only need to enter their data once. Whether collecting an address, an email or even a telephone number.

Simple out of the box integration

Start on the right foot, with a quick and simple integration. Our straightforward integration differentiates us by ensuring you're up and running stress free in the shortest time possible.

Optimise your conversion

With our ultimate data cleansing capabilities and user experience we can build a complete identity profile for your customers. By taking very basic information, we’ll enhance it with their business information, social media profiles, utilities supplier – and more.

Global coverage

Loqate is currently the only solution which validates global postal and email addresses, as well as telephone numbers in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide – all through an interactive API and batch service.

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Reliable technology

We achieve the highest levels of data security standards, providing confidence to all organisations working with us. Our data centres are fully protected for disaster recovery - there’s no single point of failure.

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Hear what our customers have to say about Loqate

Loqate is a trusted partner to IBM, we do a lot of business together on behalf of our joint clients. Loqate delivers trusted technology, good support and I would recommend them.

Dan Schallenkamp, Offering Manager, InfoSphere Information Server, Data Quality, IBM Corporation

Loqate’s type-ahead addressing technology is highly intuitive and predictive which makes it ideal for customers on the move using mobile phones.

Aron Gelbard, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bloom & Wild

As we’ve grown globally, our service from Loqate has scaled with us, and we haven’t had to worry about it.

Edd Read, Co-Founder, Graze.com

We’ve received 40,000 successful enquiries through our online contact forms using the Loqate service.

Rebecca Davis, Lead Digital Marketing Consultant, NFU Mutual

We know that address verification from Loqate has helped to improve the customer journey and data quality which has had a positive impact on conversion and delivery rates.

Laura Muirhead, Brand Manager, Nescafe Dolce Gusto at Nestle

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