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A collaborative fraud and investigation solution designed to improve your revenue and profitability, and enhance your customer experience.

Robust corporate fraud investigation helps you...

Reduce your losses from fraud

Sharing real-time insights across multiple organisations and sectors increases your chance of detecting fraud, so you can reduce loss.

Improve your operational efficiencies

More accurate fraud detection reduces false positives, so you can make more effective use of your resources.

Achieve a superior customer experience

Reducing false positives means you can onboard more customers, quicker. Build a reputation as a 'hard' target for fraudsters.

How we can help you with your fraud investigation procedures

Fraud is an ever-growing issue, but tackling it together is much more effective than dealing with it on your own.

We know that as well as the direct costs, fraud also has significant indirect costs. We recognise that by understanding an individual who commits fraud in one sector can be a powerful indicator for another. We can help you collaborate with other companies to harness the power of data sharing in the global fight against fraud.

So we've launched a multi-sector fraud bureau in the UK to help you with your company fraud investigation: GBG Trust.

As well as the major credit institutions, niche markets provide valuable fraud indicators. GBG Trust combines this insight with third party data sources and our own range of unique data assets to give businesses with UK customers access to an innovative and class-leading fraud and investigation system.

The more members who join GBG Trust, the easier and more effective your company fraud investigation process becomes. Because together, we're stronger.

Why choose GBG Trust to help with your corporate fraud investigation?


Screen new and historical applications against known fraud and suspicious applications, in real-time or in a batch.


Our database uses sophisticated matching algorithms, proprietary fraud detection analytics and link analysis, so you can efficiently cross reference multiple datasets across different industry sectors. 


As soon as the first organisation is hit, we'll accurately alert you, so you've got the ability to detect and prevent application fraud. Protect your reputation and your bottom line.

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