Regulatory compliance: more than a box-ticking exercise

GBG's Jonathan Jensen explains why compliance is more than a box-ticking exercise:


Financial services and gaming both have an obligation to comply with anti-money Laundering regulations, counter-terrorist funding, and Know Your Customer regulations.

These regulations are changing on a regular basis, so all regulated entities need to keep abreast of what those changes are and understand what they mean for their own organisation.

Regulated entities need to look at compliance as being more than a box-ticking exercise. They need to look at the risk associated with their own business, that's rights across customers, so customer risk, product risk, territory risk,their own organisational risks, and ensure that they're doing everything possible to mitigate the risk of money laundering in their business.

They need to be comfortable, if their regulator comes calling, they've done everything possible and can defend their approach to their regulator.

Remember, sometimes money laundering could be hiding in plain sight.

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