A decade of security:  QNB Finansbank’s flexible, future-proof fraud and risk management solution

A decade of security: QNB Finansbank’s flexible, future-proof fraud and risk management solution


QNB Finansbank is an established Turkish bank serving both retail and business banking customers globally

Company size

10,001+ employees


Financial Services



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QNB Group offers commercial financial services in 31 countries, with close to 30,000 employees’ across 3 continents. With 13 subsidiaries within QNB Group, QNB Finansbank in Turkey is one of the largest subsidiaries with over 10,000 employees and over 400 branches.

Since 2009, QNB Finansbank has trusted GBG Instinct for leading-edge application fraud prevention and risk management.


The challenge

Before GBG Instinct’s deployment, new loan applications flowed through QNB Finansbank’s internally built fraud monitoring and investigation process. Within this process, any new business rules had to go through QNB Finansbank’s IT department to be added or updated.

This meant a slower response to new fraud trends and while policy rules were being updated, fraud was able to continue to pass through. Therefore, QNB Finansbank started to look for a fraud risk management solution, that would provide the agility to create rules quickly and prevent any new fraud typologies, at origination.

We chose GBG’s market-leading Instinct solution to respond quickly to new fraud trends without increasing friction in the customer journey. Its flexible structure and short integration time made it a perfect fit for QNB Finansbank.
QNB Finansbank

The solution

After researching other solutions, QNB Finansbank chose GBG Instinct. Its flexible structure and short integration time fitted the bank’s needs perfectly.

GBG Instinct is a sophisticated and flexible fraud risk management solution. With user-configurable business rules, automation, scorecard and alert parameters, it can continually evolve to guard against the most complex origination fraud and financial crimes. GBG Instinct supports in maximising operational efficiency for QNB Finansbank, supporting a smooth customer journey through its speed of making complex decisions in real time. Its multi-layered scoring approach allows for more accurate decisioning, with a configurable investigator UI providing the tools to help make the right decisions when necessary.

To implement and integrate the new solution, GBG worked closely with QNB Finansbank’s IT and Application Fraud Policies & Decision Support teams. In partnership, integrating GBG Instinct took under a year, from first initial discussions to QNB Finansbank going live.

The outcome

Through using GBG Instinct, QNB Finansbank were able to create and deploy new policy rules at speed as to when new fraud typologies appeared. This has allowed QNB Finansbank to catch more bad actors, without foregoing speed of decisioning, for over a decade.

Currently a fraud monitoring team review flagged applications, while a technical team develops policy rules as well as monitoring detection effectiveness and efficiency. GBG Instinct’s quick and easy rule changes have made it simple for QNB Finansbank to continually adapt to ever-changing business and regulatory requirements.

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