Central intelligence: GBG Investigate helps Kiris Group unpick complex investigations and fraud cases

Central intelligence: GBG Investigate helps Kiris Group unpick complex investigations and fraud cases


Kiris Group provides intelligence and security services to their wide range of clients

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The challenge

Kiris Group’s team of investigators, linguists, data analysts and security professionals deliver a wide range of services to their clients. Services range from intelligence gathering and investigations to close protection, surveillance and crisis management. Growing solely via word-of-mouth referrals, clients prize the team’s diligence, effectiveness and discretion.

Every Kiris Group project is unique, but due diligence and complex investigations are everyday activities – delving into networks of companies that might have swallowed a client’s money. Whether it’s understanding financial risks or tracing a web of fraudulently run businesses, success demands state-of-the-art search functionality and visualisation.

The solution

Investigate opens the door to over 1.5 billion enhanced, interlinked records, with an intuitive interface that makes searching easy and instinctive. Together, that enables rapid, train-of-thought investigations that quickly uncover any data linked to a business.

“It’s the best starting point for UK complex fraud investigations,” Director Natasha says. “If most of a business’s network has negative flags then something untoward could be going on.”

From there, investigators might click through to data on company financial history or shareholders, with intelligent graph visualisation making it even easier to interpret results and spot vital clues. The Kiris team loves Investigate’s abilities here, with its range of user-friendly visualisation tools that highlight suspicious indicators like CCJs or mortality records.

“You can quickly find and follow leads, links lead you to information which can be time consuming to trawl through on Companies House,” says Natasha, noting that the network and timeline visualisations are particularly powerful. “The timeline is a great function. You can export the graphic to analyse and present findings very clearly.”

The timeline view is ideal for instance for spotting repeat “phoenixing,” revealing the modus operandi of certain fraudsters of putting a company into insolvency to carry on under a different entity, aiming to avoid obligations to creditors.

Search on a business using GBG Investigate helps to immediately flag linked data. It’s the best starting point for UK complex fraud investigations.
Natasha Faust, Director, Kiris Group

The outcome

GBG ensures the reliability of the data it uses by regularly adding in new reference databases and adding new innovations. “There have been some great new features added, in particular the new visualisations, we also often use the map function to plot linked locations” Natasha says. “It fits our approach perfectly, combining company focused data sources in one place so we can maximise team time spent on analysis and assessments over tedious data triage.”

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