ID3global helps tackle the growing problems of identity fraud and money laundering, checks if your customers are who they say they are, ensures your business is compliant with regulations, and improves operational efficiency within your business, saving time and resource. ID3global is a fully configurable rules platform, on which you can build profiles to automate accept, decline and refer decisions against third-party data sources securely and instantly, and ultimately onboard more good customers.

ID3global is available through a web-based user interface, an integrated API or a batch service offering.

Current Web Service Interface Product Version: ID3gWS.

Supported Web Service Interface Product Versions: Global 12b; URU 10a; URU 11a; URU 12a; URU 6a; URU 6d; URU 7c; URU 8b; URU 9a.

Customer Use Cases

A Customer Use Case describes what you are using GBG’s Service for. In order for GBG to meet its controller obligations under Applicable Data Protection Law, GBG needs to understand your use of its services so that the data presented to you, aligns to your use.

If your use of the Service is not reflected in the list below, please visit the support page below or discuss this with your Customer Success Manager.

ID Verification – Fraud

GBG’s Customer has a requirement to verify the identity of an individual for fraud prevention and detection purposes, such as, but not limited to, verification when purchasing or hire of goods and services, and protection of ID fraud.

ID Verification – Regulatory

GBG’s Customer has a requirement to verify the identity of an individual for regulatory purposes, such as, but not limited to, Anti-Money Laundering and Age Verification.

Legal Documents

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