Protect Gen Z from fraud with a free data batch test

Detect fraud indicators and gain confidence in your Gen Z customer base. Book your free test.

Protecting Gen Z

Young consumers are the most vulnerable to identity fraud. Their increased screen time and ‘thin file’ make them an easy target for fraudsters. At GBG, we are offering a free batch test of your Gen Z customer base so you can detect fraud signals such as; traces of call forwarding, sim swap, device tampering, synthetic identity fraud attempts, and much more. Book your free batch test today.

Key Features

Mobile-to-Person Match (MPM)™

Match the name, address and date of birth of your customer to the information held by their mobile operator.

SIM Swap

Receive the date and time of the last time the SIM card was changed on your customer’s mobile account.

Call Forward

Receive notification of whether a mobile account currently has call forwarding set to direct inbound calls to another number.

Number Verify

A seamless, silent authentication tool that enables you to verify that your customer is in possession of their mobile device at the time of a transaction.