Property & Legal Sector

Identity verification services to enable our clients to verify customers anywhere, at any time.

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AML & KYC Checks

Run money laundering (AML) checks, Know Your Customer (KYC) checks and/or age verification checks as required.

Bank Account Verification

Add additional services such as bank account validation, identity in different countries and document image validation.

Meeting Compliance

Comply with relevant laws, standards and regulations, whilst improving your operational efficiency.

Market-leading Identity Verification

Market-leading Identity Verification

We're here to help

Verifying your buyer, renter, seller and landlord identities has never been more necessary, but manually processing these checks means your team is spending less time selling and more on admin.

Identity fraud is increasing. Money laundering is a growing threat. Every industry is becoming more tightly regulated. We’ve created a short guide on how the new 5AMLD rules could affect your business.

GBG ID3global

Benefit from unrivalled global expertise in identity data intelligence

We’ve developed GBG ID3global for the property and legal sector using our leading global expertise in identity data intelligence. So now, there’s a quick, simple, ultra-reliable way to check anyone’s ID online, instantly. GBG ID3global takes the hassle out of compliance in a few simple clicks.

GBG ID3global

4 reasons why property and legal customers choose GBG ID3global

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Be confident your customers are who they say they are

Protection from identity fraud, money laundering and reputational damage

Get help to comply with relevant laws, standards and regulations

Improve efficiency; save time and resource

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Have confidence your customers are who they say they are with GBG identity verification services