The Future of Identity Verification UX

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The role of identity verification today...

With new regulations incoming, the state of identity verification is in flux. The only way to stay competitive is to learn how to balance the demands of regulatory compliance with an exciting user experience.

Learn how in our new guide, The Future of Identity Verification UX.

Is your organisation prepared?

The changing regulatory landscape will impact how we verify identity. Discover how new regulations will affect your sector so you can prepare your organisation with a sound, user-friendly onboarding experience.

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Learn how to balance regulatory compliance with a great UX

The regulations you need to know about

Find out the key elements of new regulations and legislation and how they will affect identity verification.

  • The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (5AMLD)

  • The Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

  • The UK Gambling Commission

Harness this information to define all possible user journeys that could arise under the new regulatory framework.

Discover UX principles for identity verification

According to Forrester, abandonment rates can reach at least 54% when it comes to financial matters. Millennials expect more from companies, and will seek out better experiences from your competitors.

Just complying with new regulations alone isn't enough. Your customers demand an exceptional user experience. It's up to you to give it them. Use our UX design principles to build a sign-up and verification process that works.

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Craft streamlined user journeys

Your compliance should work hand in hand with your UX strategy. By outlining numerous UX principles to adhere to, we'll show you key areas to consider when introducing new processes to achieve compliance.

Whether that's where to consider international differences in identity verification, how to utilise photo-capture technology in your process, or where to deploy on-brand micro-copy, we'll walk you through the simple measures you need to streamline your user journeys.

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