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Data Quality - The importance of data as a foundation for identity, fraud and successful digital transformation.

Moderated by Gus Tomlinson, General Manager Investigate, GBG

Hear from the experts

We invited a selection of industry and product experts from across the GBG team to discuss some of the key topics in our industry today and they are joined by some of our key customers and industry experts.

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What you'll learn

Social responsibility

Why we believe keeping players safe online is right for players and gambling operators. All participants in the gambling industry have a social responsibility to create this safe environment.

Digital first

How organisations are adapting to a digital-first approach and the main challenges that organisations are facing with digital identity verification.

Identity verification

Why Identity verification is crucial when onboarding new customers. If your company fails to do the necessary due diligence, you leave yourself open to a host of risks, including fraud, reputational damage and compliance failure.

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