You said, we did

Here at GBG we are passionate about our customers and their experience with us. We conduct different surveys at different touchpoints so that our customers can tell us what they think.

This page is designed to let you know what actions and improvements we’ve made on the back of our customer feedback.

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Identity UI/UX Improvement

Improving user experience

We introduced a new functionality within Investigate ‘Speed search’. The functionality provides users with an option to perform searches against Landline Telephone, Credit Linked Addresses, Land Registry and CCJ data without performing a full investigate search. Therefore, saving time on their investigations.

Customers accessing Investigate with Debt Collection or Asset Reunification Use Cases requested the ability for more results to be returned rather than one exact record.  This improvement was delivered in Q1 along with the added data input fields on the home page to search using Businesses information for the same use cases.   

As part of product parity Investigate now includes the Credit Linked Address + and Credit Linked Address + telephone numbers. Connexus customers who are permitted to use this data and functionality are pleased that this is now included within Investigate. Being able to provide new and old addresses from our 3rd party provider is valuable to our customers who have the requirement to Trace & Contact individuals. 

Location Product Improvement

Loqate is now available on SAP Commerce Cloud

It means global SAP users can avail of the world’s most comprehensive location data for 249 countries and territories and validate email and phone numbers captured from their customers, enabling you to reach every customer in the world and ensure a high quality of customer data. 

Identity Product Enhancement

PEP and Sanction

Peps continues to be an area of focus for us, we are connecting an additional PEP and Sanction provider in Q4 and have in our plan to upgrade our current service in FY24.