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We conduct various customer satisfaction surveys to identify improvements that matter most to you. This page is dedicated to informing you about the actions and improvements we’ve made on the back of customer feedback, and any associated product updates.

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Identity UI/UX Improvement Jan 2024

Our customers asked:

More engagement sessions, webinars and videos focusing on different products.

We created:

Customer Hub, a quarterly news update page, designed to inform you about the latest in GBG Identity and Fraud.

Customer Hub includes Q&A with GBG experts and their views on important business challenges of the day. You can explore recent and upcoming product innovation, or join online events.

Look out for our Solutions Pitstop sessions to refresh your product knowledge and keep up to date with the latest solutions available, plus our Customer Labs, a chance for you to feedback on our product roadmaps, a chance to help us shape the future of GBG products.

The Customer Hub also enables you to connect to GBG team members and you can leave content suggestions if you want to hear more about a certain subject.

You will find our Customer Hub here.

Customer Hub
Fraud Product Enhancement Dec 2023

Our customers asked for:

The ability to export 'Speed Search' results

We delivered:

PDF export functionality for the 'Speed Search' for CCJs, Phone Book, Credit Linked Addresses and Property Ownership.

In addition, we have introduced a "whitespace cleanse" feature. Before any request is submitted, we’ll clean out any preceding/trailing white spaces to avoid potential errors, making 'Speed Search' even more user friendly.

If you require more information on 'Speed Search', please contact: Mail_GBGInvestigateTraining&

The ability to export 'Speed Search' results
Identity Product Innovation Nov 2023

Introducing - Rest API for ID3global

New API ensures:

Flexible configuration: Our customers asked for more customisation, so now you can tailor the verification process to suit unique needs.

Simple integration: To seamlessly access our diverse portfolio of global and in-country identity checks.

Easy-to-understand documentation: To navigate effortlessly with clear, user-friendly guides.

Find out more here.

Introducing - Rest API for ID3global
Location Product Enhancement Nov 2023

Our customers asked for:

Updated Magento integration

We delivered:

New 'Adobe' plug-in

Formerly known as Magento, Adobe Commerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms.

Adobe Commerce users can now benefit from the most comprehensive premise level data in the world through Loqate address validation as well as email and phone validation, and data verification services.

Find out more here: Adobe Commerce (Magento) | Loqate

Adobe (Magento) integration