Why Identity Investigation matters

Why Identity Investigation matters

The role of the investigator is a vital one. Their decisions impact the future of individuals - whether it’s approving them for a loan, confirming they are the fraudster they are suspected to be or ruling them out of an investigation, no one can afford any doubts in the investigation process. 

It's a challenging job - one which often starts with a blank sheet of paper and someone waiting for a decision. They’re usually time sensitive - which means combining speed and precision is the holy grail of any investigation. But all too often they are mutually exclusive. When you work at speed, you’re never certain you’ve covered everything in enough detail, while if you opt for precision, you might spend days on a task when the answer is needed in hours. 

It’s a problem we hear from investigators time and time again. And it’s one our Investigate solution provides a compelling solution to. 

Where there’s a will  

Let us give you an example - imagine you’re in charge of approving a mortgage or a loan. What seems like a straightforward challenge is actually hugely complicated - very few of us have a unique name, so you can’t just rely on a quick Google search to find the right person. And it’s not a task anyone involved can afford to get wrong - when you’re handling something as important to the individual as buying a house, especially when customer experience and brand reputation has a lasting impression.  

To find the right person, the investigator is left with a time-consuming trawl through a whole range of public data sets and documents.  Depending on how lucky the investigator is, this could take anywhere from hours to days - you never know precisely which set of data will have the answers you’re looking for. 

But, if that same investigator has access to our Investigate solution, that time frame drops from days to minutes - providing that holy grail of speed and precision. It does this by bringing together all the relevant databases into one place - making it easy for you to spot relevant connections and find the right individual. 

Delivering certainty 

Gathering evidence can often lead investigators down dead ends - but you don’t know that until you’ve pursued the path in question. That’s the nature of the job - it's unpredictable. But when you’re handling situations concerning an individual’s finances, reputation or livelihood, you can’t afford to have any doubts. It’s why the field of identity investigation exists - to ensure that the right outcome is reached. 

Whether it's to help secure a conviction, or reacquainting an owner with their goods or investment, certainty is key.    

This certainty only comes from clarity. And that’s where Investigate stands out from the crowd. Where some tools may only cross-reference one or two connections due to financial or time limitations, our ability to provide a 360-degree view of a person or organisation’s world is unparalleled.  

Every detail matters  

It’s this need for certainty which makes the little details so important to investigators - they never know which stone might be hiding the crucial piece of evidence. And because every investigation is different, they can’t rely on past findings to inform future investigations or follow the same discovery path each time.  

It’s why we’ve put so much time and effort into making Investigate as visually attractive and intuitive as it is easy to use. By putting the data in an easily accessible format for investigators, we’re making it easy for them to spot relevant details.  
By doing this, we enable investigators to spot patterns and connections which would normally be invisible. The level of detail can also be tailored to suit the investigator’s needs - in addition to using the datasets we provide, it’s easy to add your own data and compare it with the public record. 

The key to the truth 

The path to solving an investigation is seldom straightforward and anything to aid the speed or accuracy of the journey is invaluable. The process requires more than just a collection of data - it needs to provide tangible links. Through Investigate we don’t just provide investigators with the raw data they need to trawl through, we provide them with a powerful, intuitive framework for turning that raw data into connections and leads within minutes of them opening a new investigation.   

Whether it's a fraud investigation, asset reunification or debt recovery, our Investigate solution ensures you are left with certainty every time. 

If you’d like to know more about how we ensure identity investigators get the right result every time, get in touch today. 

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