Varun’s life @GBG
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Varun’s life @GBG

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Meet a machine learning superhero. Varun works wonders with AI for Acuant technology, onboarding trusted customers at speed.

What does an AI expert do for Acuant technology?

As a VP of Technology and Machine Learning in the Acuant team, I work on big new ideas pitched at delivering great new AI-powered identity verification products to our customers. I do this by bringing together my expertise and more than a decade of experience in building web services, mobile, machine learning products and services.

What do our customers want from us?

Businesses are looking for an off-the-shelf, easy-to-use identity verification solution with a great user experience. Since the identity verification journey involves sharing pictures of ID documents and photos, without a smooth, frictionless user experience their customers feel frustrated and may abandon the verification process. And businesses don’t want to spend time and money building verification workflows – that’s not their expertise. We have recently launched Acuant®GO, which solves most of the biggest challenges facing customers today.

“Businesses are looking for an off-the-shelf, easy-to-use identity verification solution with great user experience”

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Varun at the table of the Technology & Innovation summit, bowling for the Acuant team, visiting Israel for a board meeting and dressed for a product launch as a machine learning superhero.

Did you work on AI for Acuant®GO?

Yes, I applied machine learning and other analytical techniques to create a name-matching feature – the technology checks two names or nicknames and tells you whether they are a match or not. This is important in compliance and fraud prevention. Identities that match against watchlists are flagged and this effectively helps block fraudsters and lets genuine customers go through the process.

What’s the future for digital identity verification?

We are going to see a lot of traditional rules-based software transition to machine learning technologies. Machine learning techniques build complex software systems much faster, more accurately and are easier to maintain than traditional software.

Machine learning-based systems also process data and deliver results very quickly, so businesses can identify and onboard trusted customers much faster.

“Machine learning-based systems process data and deliver results very quickly, so businesses can identity and onboard trusted customers much faster.”


What do you love about life at GBG?

I love everything about GBG. We have remote work, flexible work hours, a great PTO policy, pension and health insurance plans, competitive compensation and much more.

GBG ensures that team members have a good work-life balance – the remote and flexible work options allow me to exercise regularly, spend more time with my family and also work on my hobbies. The work environment is built around ownership, accountability, and teamwork and there are plenty of opportunities to grow your skills and try new things.

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