Providing confidence in real time

Providing confidence in real time

Guinness famously claims good things come to those who wait. And while that may be true of pints of stout, investigators in the retail and banking sectors don’t have the luxury of waiting for events to happen to get the right answers.   

That may sound odd to you. After all, the majority of investigations are reactive - something has gone wrong, and you are trying to trace specific individuals and businesses to understand their involvement or exonerate them from suspicion. That means waiting is always a factor - whether it’s for the right records to arrive or to confirm that the connection you found in one dataset shows up again in the second. Waiting ends up baked into the process - if you don’t wait for all the evidence you can never dispel your doubts. 

It’s very different for investigators in the banking and retail sectors. While they do their fair share of reactive work, they’re also expected to contribute to their businesses proactively - helping answer sales questions like should we allow someone to purchase an expensive product or approve them for a loan or mortgage? For such investigations speed is utterly vital - you don’t want to leave legitimate customers waiting too long for good news in case they take their business elsewhere and you don’t want to expose your business to unnecessary risk.

It’s not an easy process to get right, and the traditional investigative process doesn’t make it any easier - forcing investigators to choose between precision and speed. 

Providing certainty at speed 

Our Investigate solution is different. It’s been built from the ground up to provide investigators from all walks of life with a winning combination of speed and certainty. It does this by pulling together a range of datasets into one easy to explore graph - making it straightforward for investigators to get a full understanding of an organisation or individual’s history, connections and contact information. 

By bringing all of these connections together, we don’t just expose the evidence you knew to look for. Our solution also makes it easy to spot connections you might never have thought to look for - ensuring that when you say yes that sale or loan can go ahead, you’re doing so with absolute certainty. 

Best of all, because we bring these different datasets together in an incredibly intuitive and visually attractive package, it reduces the timeframe for investigations from days to minutes, removing doubt and providing certainty in the time it would have taken to track down just one data set historically. 
The benefits for retail and banking are obvious. You can confirm legitimate customers quicker - reducing friction and the waiting time for large purchases or big financial decisions. And you reduce your own company’s risk - by filtering out customers with a history of fraud or financial mismanagement you’re avoiding potentially toxic transactions being approved. Combined this is an incredible tool for growth - providing a positive return on investment from a section of the business that colleagues may never have looked to for growth before. 

Ready to speed up your business's investigations? Get in touch for a free demo today.

Ready to speed up your business's investigations?

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