Meet our Team – Laura Udenwoke

Meet our Team – Laura Udenwoke

Meet Laura Udenwoke, Data Protection Manager at GBG, who talks about imposter syndrome, perseverance and achieving her goals and, in the below interview.

How important is Black role model visibility within the workplace?

Black role model visibility within the workplace matters. I believe that the likelihood of facing imposter syndrome and self-doubt is higher in environments where we do not see many examples of people who share our background or look like us succeeding in our fields. Seeing more Black role models provides encouragement for many to apply to senior and leadership positions. If an area is filled with people that look like you, you are likely to find inspiration and believe that you can achieve it too - “If you can see it, you can be it.”


What advice would you give to someone dealing with imposter syndrome?

Try to catch yourself when you become aware of the feeling of imposter syndrome trying to creep in and when negative self-talk tries to occupy space in your mind. Take a moment to reflect and remind yourself of your successes, tell yourself that you are good enough and wholeheartedly believe that you deserve to occupy the space you are in. Also, get into the habit of separating your feelings from facts, life is too short to not enjoy where you are.


Please name some of the measures your workplace has taken in order to better support Black professionals.

GBG understands the importance of a diverse workforce and is actively striving to improve in this area. The company has a great Inclusion & Diversity team and has launched the ‘be/yourself programme’, which introduces company-wide improvements through policy review, training, and data analysis. The aim of this programme is to help measure progress in relation to diversity, identify what areas within the business needs attention, and set clear priorities that enable team members to thrive and be their authentic selves.


What are the active steps you take to ensure you are reaching your desired goals?

I write down my goals in a journal and brainstorm what needs to happen. I have found that seeing my goals written down on paper helps me to envision them, equip and plan what is required from me to reach the goal. I also firmly believe that gratitude plays a huge part in one’s journey to achieving life goals. I try to make it a habit to reflect and take moments to appreciate how far I have come, believing that the best is yet to come, all while enjoying the present. This approach has helped me to progress towards my goals.


Are there any podcasts, webinars or series that have inspired you that you would recommend to our network members?

I listen to a few podcasts during the week, but my top 3 picks are the following.

  1. Trusting The Process podcast hosted by Debra Chosen, with different guests providing insights into their journeys and life purposes’.
  2. Black Women Working, this is centred around black women’s stories at work and provides advice and aspiration to other black women.
  3. Channel Monday hosted by Chrissie Milan. Discussing self-development, confidence and manoeuvring the everyday complexities of the young professional.


Lastly, what are your key takeaways for our network members?

Be your authentic self - always! Believe that you deserve to be in the space that you are in today and whatever spaces to are aiming to occupy in the future. Navigating through industries as a black professional comes with its challenges but be encouraged by the fact that someone has been there, done that and has succeeded, so you can to!


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