Magdalena’s life @GBG
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Magdalena’s life @GBG

Magdalena leads a team of forensic document experts, providing a forensic document checking service for GBG customers, occasionally with great views of the Pyrenees.

What does a forensic document expert do?

The service we offer customers covers expert classification and verification of a vast variety of identity documents from around the world. Our comprehensive document intelligence gives customers a second line of defence against digital identity fraud, minimising risk of potential financial losses, as well as safeguarding vulnerable adults and children. We think of it as providing certainty in an uncertain world of identity, an important part of helping everyone transact online with confidence.

I’ve spent over 20 years of my career taking care of customer needs, solving their problems and making sure their expectations are met across various industries. Since joining GBG three years ago, I’ve seen customer focus taken to new levels.

“Our document intelligence gives customers a second line of defence against digital identity fraud.”

What's the most interesting thing you’ve worked on recently?

I find the work we do with the IDscan Document Knowledge team fascinating. Together, we build the GBG library of identity documents. There are currently over 1700 discrete document records, from around 200 countries and the library grows every month.

Our team continuously monitors for new identity documents scheduled for circulation and adds them to this proprietary point of reference. It’s an important resource which helps our team provide 100% decisioning for customers. I really enjoy this part of our work, seeing the library develop and grow, and the positive impact it has on the service we provide to customers is extremely satisfying.

How do you think document intelligence will change in future?

The digital world is changing at pace. We’re witnessing a revolution in the way individuals interact with public institutions and private companies. For example, digital driving licenses, or mobile driving licences as they are sometimes called, are being trialled in Brazil, the Netherlands and the USA, with other countries, including France and the UK, preparing to follow.

At GBG, we are continuously developing our technology and services to accommodate the growing demand for easier, safer and faster customer onboarding. It is an ongoing process, learning and understanding what identity in a digital world means.

"We now have the freedom to choose where and when we work.”

What’s the biggest challenge facing customers today?

Our customers want to onboard as many of their own ‘good’ customers as possible while keeping the bad actors at bay. With new identity documentation entering circulation all the time and methods of identity fraud constantly evolving, there’s a push and pull of reducing friction for customer onboarding while remaining compliant and reducing the risk of fraud.

We help to build trust in this uncertain world. Staying current with these changes is vital, it enables us to continue to provide our customers professional document verification where there is doubt and help them to make informed decisions for their business.

What do you love about life at GBG?

So much has changed in the last couple of years during the Covid19 pandemic. Many of us found ourselves in difficult, sometimes life-changing situations but not all those changes were negative.

At GBG, we have embraced those changes and we now have the freedom to choose where and when we work. I never imagined I would be able to travel to France to visit my parents, work in one of the local coffee shops sipping on freshly brewed coffee and indulging in most amazing pastries, and enjoy beautiful, picturesque views of the Pyrenees. I can even take a break for a quick spin class to help me get back in shape after the pastries. 😊

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