Introducing The GBG State of Digital Identity 2020
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Introducing The GBG State of Digital Identity 2020

As part of International Fraud Awareness Week, we’re excited and proud to launch The GBG State of Identity 2020. 

The report is the first of what will be an annual publication based on the results of rigorous consumer and business research around attitudes to fraud, customer experience, technology and more. 

This year’s report covers the critical identity fraud issues we must tackle as an industry, the emerging challenges presented by COVID-19, the booming business of fraud and a blueprint for how we can set out on the right path. 

The results of the research are clear: Post-pandemic, a digital-first business model is no longer a luxury or a forward-looking strategy - it’s a necessity.  

As focus shifts from whether to go digital-first, to how to do it, the concept of identity intelligence has become a strategic imperative. The ability to onboard the right customers and transact securely with them while keeping bad actors at bay has made the difference between thriving and barely surviving. 

Sample insights: 

  •  81% of businesses believe identity verification can be a strategic differentiator 
  • 54% of business say identity verification has become more complicated and complex in the last three years 
  • Two thirds of organisations experienced known or suspected identity fraud attempts in the last 12 months 

Launching the report, GBG Managing Director Identity & Fraud EMEA Boris Huard said: “I’m very excited about launch of The GBG State of Digital Identity 2020. With COVID-19 and digital acceleration, we have seen big shifts in attitudes from consumers and companies on identity, and the report’s findings reflect those shifts.  

“As we work with our customers, we understand the growing importance of identity verification not only to comply with regulation, but to prevent identity fraud.” 

For the survey, we commissioned intelligence firm Qualtrics to poll more than 1,000 consumers and over 150 business decision-makers across a range of industries in Europe. 

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