Introducing Investigate

Introducing Investigate

Speak to anyone tasked with handling investigations as part of their job and they’ll quickly relay the same two challenges to you:  

  1. The information they are looking for is spread across a myriad of sources and databases - and that’s assuming they know for certain what will answer their query in the first place. It’s like looking for a needle, without even knowing which haystack it might be. 
  2. There’s never enough time - this data overload means investigations require a serious investment of time and resources, but the businesses and organisations they work for are looking for answers in the shortest time frame possible. 

The result of all of this is doubt - doubt about the right place to start your search, doubt over the time it will take and doubts about whether something crucial is hiding just out of reach. 

And investigators can’t afford to have doubts - no matter what sector they work in. Public sector organisations need to be certain when they make an accusation of wrongdoing. Financial businesses can’t afford to lend to the wrong person. And retailers don’t want to fall victim to fraudsters hiding behind false aliases. That’s just a small set of examples - no matter what sector you work in, doubt is something to avoid at all costs. 

What these businesses and organisations need is certainty. It’s that certainty which lets them make the right decision and keep their world turning. 

To get that certainty, you need Investigate 

Making data work for you 

We take the heavy lifting out of an investigator’s research by combining all the information they might need into a single, easy-to-use platform. Whether you’re investigating an individual or an organisation, our powerful, intuitive software offers everything you need to understand their history, connections and contact information. 

From address history and phone numbers through to business directorships and legal judgements - we bring all the data you might want to explore into a single place and make it easy to link different records. This depth and breadth make it easy for you to identify the most promising leads and separate them from dead ends - massively reducing the time it takes for you to carry out investigations and ensuring you don’t miss crucial information. 

Making life easier 

We know that the most powerful software in the world is useless if the outputs are impossible to understand. That’s why we’ve given just as much care and attention to the way Investigate looks as to the data sets which make it tick. 

Our powerful graphing software displays all the information you need in a beautifully simple interface - making it easy for you to follow relevant links, build a case and inform colleagues of the right decision. And if they have questions, our connections graph makes it easy to show them your thinking and ensure they share your certainty. 


Scales with your needs 

Working on a more complex investigation? Or need to cross-check your own data against our comprehensive database? That’s all easy to do with Investigate - our software makes it easy for you to upload your own data and compare it to our existing data sets. 

Or if you’re looking for a more bespoke solution, our APIs make it easy to integrate Investigate into your existing tech stack. That means no more endless cross-referencing of seemingly incompatible CSV files and more time spent on what really matters - making the right decisions. 


Interested in seeing how it works in practice? Get in touch today to arrange a free demo. 

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